Teams are thrilled to Brits

The Brit Awards 2009 with Mastercard saw the combined teams of Well Dressed Tables and Spaceworks draw on their logistical abilities to provide an extraordinary service this year.  Event Manager for the two companies, Mike Marshall co-ordinated delivery, set up and removal of 350 tables, 4,000 chairs, table covers and centrepieces in two hour time windows running up to the event, plus a six hour “get out” afterwards.

“At the Brits, the doors shut as soon as the two hour time window finishes – full stop,” says Mike.  Among the many challenging features of the project was that all equipment had to be raised by forklift onto the 12 level mezzanine in Earls Court, and transported the 100 metre width of the structure.

“The team was absolutely wonderful,” says Mike. “The time windows meant we couldn’t afford to stop so it was a case of all hands to the pump; two to three hours of solid, non-stop power and energy to get the work done.”