Returnables Service

To ensure your outdoor events are as sustainable as possible, we have introduced a new service that offers reusable cups, washing and on-site logistics. With our range of Polycarbonate and PP cups, we can create a turnkey solution to help you manage a return cup system in hassle-free way.

Managed Service Onsite

When you hire cups from us, they will be pre-packed in crates and delivered and collected by one of our own vehicles to your event.

We can offer a managed service for you on site. Distributing cups around the bars, collecting dirty cups and packing them away for collection at the end of your event. We want to take the hassle away from you and in turn, we aim to reduce any cup losses.

Email for a quote or for more information on our returnable cup service.

London Washing Facility

We are the only returnable cup hire company with a washing facility so close to Central London. This means we can keep transport charges low and minimise carbon emissions.

We have state-of-the-art Winterhalter washing machines that use the latest technology in detergent and rinse aid to minimise energy and water usage.

Environmentally Friendly

To provide you with the most environmentally friendly solution in the market, we are focused on four areas to achieve this:

  • Measurement: We have partnered with Everclime to define and implement a robust Net Zero plan with measurable outcomes.
  • Long product lifecycle: Our cups are guaranteed for 500 washes or 5 years.
  • Reduce transport CO2e: In 2023, we invested in 100% electric forklift trucks, and we are trialling HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) in our fleet of vehicles.
  • Certification: We are certified ISO20121 (Event Sustainability) management systems.
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