Green Policy

Sustainability Policy

Well Dressed Tables and Spaceworks are committed to promoting sustainability. We aspire to follow and to promote sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impacts of our trade.

Sustainability Guidelines

  • To fully comply with all environmental legislation relating to our business, including all regulations and codes of practice.
  • To consider the environment and environmental options in all codes of practice.
  • To communicate and make our staff aware of the importance of our sustainability policy.
  • To minimise the environmental impact of all office, warehouse and transportation activities.
  • To continue research and development on environmental friendly options and strive to improve our sustainability performance.

Sustainability Practices


  • Keeping paper usage to a minimum by communicating electronically wherever possible, including the development of an electronic brochure.
  • Purchasing recycled paper and paper products and continuing to recycle paper within all administration areas.
  • Consulting and complying with all local authority policies and standards including recycling and waste disposal.
  • Encouraging the contribution of ideas amongst our staff to “Go Green.”
  • Conserving energy by limiting usage in our day to day business.
  • Investigating possible ways to introduce and improve our uses of renewable sources of energy with regard to lighting, fuel and heating.
  • Encouraging industry colleagues to adapt and share similar practices.
  • Double-siding documents when possible to limit paper usage.
  • In-house product cleaning services using The Zenith Hygiene Group for dishwashing detergents and rinse aids which, through the formulation of concentrated products and innovative dossing systems, promotes the use of minimum packaging and reduced transport costs.

Transport/Out of Office Requirements:

  • Arranging meetings with clients that live close one the same day so limited transport is used.
  • Using telephone conferences whenever possible to limit travel.
  • Encouraging employees to walk cycle and use public transport whenever possible.
  • Organising deliveries so that event hire equipment for different events can be in the same truck to limit the amount of vehicles on the road at any one time
  • In-house product cleaning services to limit travel to outsourced cleaning facilities


  • Continued investment in researching new products that offer environmentally friendly options in the event-hire industry i.e.
      • Biodegradable and recyclable napkins
      • Bionic range made of recycled car parts
      • Garden furniture made from sustainable wood instead of teak
  • Investing in furniture that is suitable for many uses to restrict storage, transport and purchase, i.e.
      • The Chameleon Chair range is designed to offer numerous design options for one chair, which allows for fewer products, but numerous event hire solutions.
      • The Edinburgh soft seating range follows the same principles as the Chameleon Chair range.
  • Rejuvenate, repair and reuse the products until the quality is no longer suitable for hire.
  • Have an in-house repair and painting centre to extend the hire life of each product.
  • When furniture is no longer quality standard after many repairs and rejuvenations then it is donated to various charities and charitable organisations.

The Sustainability Policy of Well Dressed Tables and Spaceworks will be applicable to all its activities and across all its sites.

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