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Installation & Design

PKL offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of your event, starting with a site survey and providing bespoke kitchen designs, project management, delivery and installation, commissioning and technical support. A package can be offered which is tailored to the needs of your event.

Site Survey

We can come and see the proposed site for your event to allow us to understand your requirements, any other services you may require, and identify any difficulties there might be in delivering and installing a temporary kitchen or items of catering equipment.


We can work with you to design a temporary catering facility that matches your exact requirements. Designs are provided in 2D CAD format and include services and layout drawings. We can also provide illustrations if required.

Unit Branding

PKL temporary kitchen can be supplied with a vinyl wrap, and we can supply units complete with your company's branding or a design of your choice. The in-house design department an work with you to help you achieve your bespoke design.


We understand that particularly with events, location often presents a challenge for the delivery of temporary infrastructure. PKL operate our own vehicles and a transport team who are vastly experienced in the delivery of temporary kitchens and catering equipment.

For more demanding installations, we can organise trackway and cranes as well as any forklifts and other facilities used for the onsite manoeuvring of temporary kitchen units and catering equipment to get them in your desired location.


Installation is undertaken by our in-house team of catering engineers. If your point of installation is on a particularly difficult site, requires the transportation of equipment up or down stairs, or if you require installation within a certain timeframe, we can provide additional labour to help.

Training manuals and user guides for items of catering equipment and temporary kitchens are provided as standard. If required, PKL can provide you with a bespoke training session for your kitchen staff, to ensure the safe and correct operation of all the catering equipment we are supplying to you.

Technical Support

All of PKL's equipment and temporary kitchens are supplied with a 24-hour technical support helpline and a standard response within 24 hours for engineers. If required, we can upscale this to a guaranteed response time of four hours, while we can also provide you with the services of an engineer on site for the duration of your event.